About Nachand


The Matriarch of MELANnaire

At the helm of our ship is Nachand Trabue, a visionary leader whose commitment to her community is unwavering. Her dedication to uplifting, empowering, and supporting women to step into their divine destinies is the cornerstone of our ethos. Under her guidance, MELANnaire Marketplace is more than a business; it's a movement.


Nachand Trabue - A Pillar of Strength and Vision

Nachand Trabue stands as a testament to unwavering courage and visionary leadership. With a deep-seated passion for nurturing Black entrepreneurship, she has pioneered a unique retail model that extends beyond Louisville, reaching Black entrepreneurs around the globe. Her innovation has not only opened doors for small businesses but has also laid a foundation for sustainable Black wealth creation.

In the face of personal adversities, including her battle with multiple sclerosis and the heartbreaking loss of her son, Makel Coleman, Nachand's resolve has only strengthened. Her son's memory, an aspiring entrepreneur himself, fuels her commitment to forging paths that empower and uplift, aiming to end the cycle of gun violence by replacing it with opportunities for creation and investment.

Nachand's role transcends that of a business leader; she is a social entrepreneur, a change agent, and an innovator. Her life's work reflects her fight for transformation in underserved communities and her belief in the power of resilience: "Life is unpredictable, and our comeback is more powerful than our setback."