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Hot N Saucy

Hot Sauce - Sweet Potato N Habanero

Hot Sauce - Sweet Potato N Habanero

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This Sweet Potato N Habanero mix brings the perfect balance of fiery heat and sweet potatoes to any dish. With its bold flavor, warm spices and habanero peppers, you can add a pop of flavor to stews, curries, eggs, and tacos. Enjoy a fiery, flavorful experience with every bite. Indulge in a bold and fiery flavor experience with every bite.

Transform any dish into a mouth-watering delight with this mix's perfect balance of warm spices and the heat of habanero peppers. Whether you're cooking stews, curries, eggs, or tacos, this mix will add a pop of deliciousness to your meals. Embrace the sweet and spicy combination that will have your taste buds dancing.

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